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Finalsan is OMRI listed - organic certified

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Finalsan Contact Herbicide

Finalsan® is a non-selective contact herbicide. The active ingredient of Finalsan®, ammoniated soap of fatty acids, penetrates the wax layer (cuticle, bloom) of the leaf.  The lipophile portion of the fatty acid ultimately destroys the plant's epidermis cell membranes. This causes a fast release of cell material and the plant dries up quickly.

Finalsan controls grass, weeds, moss, and algae.

Finalsan can be used around turf, ornamentals, and food crop areas including parks, playgrounds, golf, schools, and areas with pesticide bans/concerns.  Finalsan® also controls moss & algae on roofs, decks, walks and sidings.

Finalsan's unique features:

  • Works in cool weather
  • Kills within one hour
  • Will synergize conventional herbicides
  • OMRI-listed and organic certified

Not registered in all states.  Please call 928-445-7990 or contact your local Technical Sales Representative for the most up to date information.


Finalsan vs Acetic Acid time lapse video
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