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Heads Up

Help your crop achieve its  full potential with Heads Up® seed treatment.  This seed treatment provides naturally occurring, broad-spectrum fungal protection with a unique mode of action, to help the treated plant defend itself from disease.  


Healthier, stronger plants

Improved plant stands; 4 - 6% over seed-applied fungicides

Consistent  yield benefit

  • Heads Up is economical protection.  It costs less than $2.50 per acre which is less than a quarter bushel of beans investment.
  • Heads Up is safe to the user and the environment. It’s made from naturally occurring products.
  • Heads Up is easy to use. It’s a highly concentrated water soluble powder. It mixes easily and does not stick or produce strong offensive odors.
  • Heads Up contains no living organisms, unlike microbial products, and is not restricted by time limitations between treatment and use. Seed can be treated well in advance of planting, at your convenience.
  • Heads Up is compatible when mixed with other fungicides and inoculants for enhance disease protection, protecting the young plants from inside and out.
  • Heads Up provides a plant health insurance and vaccine program against Sudden Death Syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme), Pythium, Root Rot/Damping Off (Rhizoctonia solani) and White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum)



*Not registered in all states.  Please contact 928-445-7990 or your local technical sales representative for the most up-to-date information.

Heads Up is a registered trademark of Heads Up Plant Protectants Inc. 

EPA Registration  No. 81853-1 • US Patent No. 6,743,752 and 6,482,770

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