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IronFist Snail and Slug Bait

Kills Snails and Slugs on Turf, Ornamentals, Vegetables, and Fruit

Slug and snails ingest the bait, causing them to stop feeding and die. Immediate plant protection will be observed through the decrease in feeding.
Land snails and slugs are pests that can be found in landscapes, vegetable crops, and greenhouses.  Damage can be  extreme as they feed directly on foliage and fruit.  Their preference for tender foliage makes them serious pests of seedlings, herbaceous plants, and fruit that ripens close to the ground, such as  tomatoes and strawberries. Snails and slugs may be difficult to detect because they are primarily active at night.

Use IronFist around vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, berries, ornamentals, shrubs, flowers, trees, lawns, gardens, turf, and greenhouses.

IronFist's Unique Features:

  • Broad Spectrum Slug and Snail Control
  • Safe to Pets and Wildlife
  • Works Under Cool, Wet, and Dry Conditions
  • Exempt from Residue Tolerance (no MRL's)
  • Small Pellet Size Maximizes Baiting Points
  • No Groundwater Contamination Concerns
  • Convenient, Dust-free Pellets are Easy to Apply

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Not registered in all states.  Please call 928-445-7990 or your local Technical Sales Representative  for the most up to date information.

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