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Click Photo above to View Cosavet DF Edge's dispersion characteristics!

Photo shows Cosavet-DF Edge granule size.  Each granule is comprised of thousands of particles averaging 2.5 microns in size.



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Cosavet-DF Edge

A Unique, Water Dispersible, Dust Free, Flowable Micronized Sulfur,Formulated with Nano and Micron Technology

Manufactured in a NEW state of the art facility in India.
A unique formulation of  micronized sulfur using nano and micron technology that puts growers on the CUTTING EDGE!!!

Active Ingredient:
Sulfur ........................... 80.0%


  • Uniform Particle Size
  • 70% more particles than traditional Sulfur DF’s
  • Blend of Nano and Micron Technology
  • OMRI Listed (See References link to right)


  • Superior Contact and Vapor Action
  • Exceptional Dispersion
  • Stays Suspended Longer
  • Dust Free


*Not registered in all states.  Please contact 928-445-7990 or your local technical sales representative for the most up-to-date information.
Cosavet is a registered trademark of Sulphur Mills Limited 

EPA Registration  No. 70905-1

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