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Unicorn DF

UNICORN DF™ is an advanced, broad spectrum premix fungicide that contains tebuconazole, a Triazole group systemic fungicide that is  absorbed and trans-located, and sulfur,  a non systemic fungicide that works through contact and vapor action.  UNICORN DF can be used as part of a preventative or a curative fungicide program. 

UNICORN DF™ Excellent Dispersion in Water.

Typically Tebuconazole does not disperse well in water.  However, due to the excellent dispersion characteristics of the sulfur formulation, UNICORN DF disperses uniformly into solution.

  • UNICORN DF is a scientifically tested and proven premix combination that is highly effective against fungal disease in a variety of plants.  When combined, the two components, Tebuconazole and Sulfur have a synergistic effect which provides better disease management than with products used alone. 
  • The Sulfur in UNICORN DF acts as the fourth important nutrient for the plant, after Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash, improving growing conditions, and leading to good aesthetic value and higher yield.
  • UNICORN DF is an important component of disease tolerance management as well as cross resistance.  It is highly effective against Powdery Mildew disease in all crops and has been shown to have improved duration of control as compared to similar products.   In addition, resistance development to UNICORN DF is minimal when compared to other systemic fungicides and minimizes the possibility of cross resistance to other fungicides.
  • UNICORN DF aids in the management of mite populations and is economical with a higher cost benefit ratio.  It can be recommended as an important and prominent fungicide in grapevine disease control schedules.

UNICORN DF is recommended - FIFRA 2(ee) in CA - for preventative control of Almond Scab and Rust

UNICORN DF is not registered for use in all states, but is APPROVED for use in California and Arizona. 

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