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International Journal of Fruit Science
Comparison of Freeze Protection Methods for Strawberry Production in Florida (click image to read complete article featuring Desikote!)

ISSN: 1553-8362 (Print) 1553-8621 (Online) Journal homepage:

To cite this article: Ixchel M. Hernandez, Bielinski M. Santos, Craig D. Stanley & Xin Zhao (2015): Comparison of Freeze Protection Methods for Strawberry Production in Florida, International Journal of Fruit Science, DOI: 10.1080/15538362.2015.1079515

Desikote vs. Sprinkler Irrigation...Click on Image Above to Read About Exciting NEW Freeze Protection Data!

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» Desikote Spray Adjuvant

Desikote Spray Adjuvant


Desikote is a unique formulation of terpene polymer, a non-ionic wetting agent and is safe for use in tank mixture with agricultural and horticultural chemicals to improve their performance. 

Desikote's Unique Features:  

  • Slows down the normal rapid herbicide uptake in the first few hours and spreads it out.
  • Reduces transplant shock when trees, shrubs, turf grass and other plants are planted enhancing growth potential.
  • Rainproof with all fungicides and other partner products. Only needs 30 minutes after the spray has dried, to prevent wash off by rain or irrigation.
  • Extends the activity of all fungicides, and other partner products, including insecticides.
  • Extends the interval between sprays.
  • Provides frost protection in near-freezing weather conditions.


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