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ARM UTM is a liquid fertilizer additive that controls ammonia volatilization from urea and urea- ammoninium nitrate (UAN) fertilizers.

Up to 50% of Nitrogen can be lost as ammonia (NH3) from applied urea due to urease enzyme activity.
Factors affecting ammonia volatilization:

  • Soil pH
  • Soil type
  • Organic matter content
  • Soil moisture
  • Microbes

By minimizing the urease enzyme activity, the ARM U coating and NBPT molecule inhibits the urease enzyme activity and stops the ammonia volatilization by nearly 96%.

Unlike other NBPT formulations, ARM U is an improved formulation that contains super spreader molecules to bind to urea. These molecules increase NBPT’s activity by enhancing its affinity to the urease enzyme.This increased activity enables a lower active ingredient and a lower use rate.  ARM U is formulated to have high buffering capacity and to protect and fully utilize 26% of Nitrogen present in the NBPT molecule.

In addition, ARM U was initially formulated and manufactured for Canadian market conditions so it has superior cold tolerance properties.

  • LOW pH, less than 7
  • INCREASED NBPT Efficacy and Efficiency
  • LOW Application Rate
  • THOROUGH Coverage and Coating Agent
  • MINIMAL Odor
  • 10%+ MORE Efficacious Than Similar Products
  • ACTS as a Dust Control Agent
  • EASY to Handle and Store in Cooler Conditions
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